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Software development

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Software development

With top development team, our own projects and production of software we are able to satisfy various requirements of the end-users..


Realized projects and sofware packages


Software for working hours evidence through Finger print and RFID system


Software package for working with fiscal devices

  • Communication software for GPRS terminals for connecting cash registers to a central server
  • SC-Link - Communication software (txt driver) to work with Geneko SuperCash cash registers
  • FP-Link - Communication software (txt driver) to work with FP200 fiscal printers and cash registers SuperCash
  • SuperCash Sale - Application for the sale on the fiscal printer or  fiscal cash register through PC
  • SuperCashTools - Application to enter, modify and delete items in the fiscal cash registers, and update the header, footer, advertisements, cashier and other parameters


Software package for Fleet manadzement - a suite of software for fleet management

  • WebFMS - web applications for fleet management (current version 3.6)
  • GlobalFMS - desktop application for fleet management (current version 2.0)
  • FMSAdmin - desktop applications for the administration and reporting (current version 2.0)


Software for remote configuration and monitoring Geneko GWR Series Routers


Software for configuration of Fox AVL devices


RFID Parking -  software for monitoring and control of parking

Editorial news agency Tanjug system - software package for the production of news, labor support to journalists and editors, news broadcast, news archive, and subscription and marketing activities

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