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SuperCash Economic ECR
SuperCash S ECR

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SuperCash Economic ECR

Fiscal Receipt Example

SuperCash Economic is fiscal cash register (FCR) with integrated GPRS terminal enabling wireless connection to Tax Administration or customer remote server. Beside basic FCR functions, this device supports centralized management of cash register in customer sales network and solves the problem of everyday data updating on articles stored in the remote cash register. Data are transferred through GSM telephone network and Internet enabling the user to remote monitors all his cash registers regardless of their number or location. The SuperCash Economic can be delivered without GPRS terminal if it is not prescribed by the law.


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Fiscal cash register function

SuperCash Economic is provided with microcontroller protected flash fiscal memory allowing to Tax Administration to do supervision of tax calculation in retail sale. There are two models – with control paper tape (model PJ) and with electronic journal (model EJ). The device has two RS232 serial ports used for connection of barcode reader or communication with PC. USB port is optional. Computer data processing software and ECR PLU input software is delivered together with cash register. Built-in Li-Ion battery makes possible operation without mains power supply.


GPRS communication

GPRS terminal with built-in GSM/GPRS module ensures wireless communication of SuperCash Economic with remote servers. This terminal performs two-way data transfer by GPRS. It is programmable and manageable and equipped with real time clock. Reading and uploading of report to the server is done automatically. GPRS terminal can be scheduled for accomplishing demanded activities.


Main functions

  • Fiscal cash register
  • GPRS communication
  • QR code printing
  • Support of remote centralized management of cash registers
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