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GWRI-362/462 - 3G/4G Routers

GWRI-262, GWRI-362 & GWRI-462 cellular routers have widest possible typical application range. Thanks to high speed 3G/4G modules integrated in GWRI-362 and GWRI-462 respectively, all limitations in terms of possible applications are eliminated. No matter if these devices are used for providing a primary connection (ATMs, POSs, Sensors, IP cameras...) or backup solutions (remote offices, shops, petrol stations...), they will demonstrate highest level of stability and reliability. Form factor of the units, port protection, extended temperature and input voltage range make these models suitable for rough industrial environments. Here is a list of frequent application areas of these routers:


Industrial applications


  • Connection to PLC and SCADA systems
  • Backup over mobile network in rough environment
  • Critical equipment monitoring with failover option
  • Smart grid & solar app. with extended temp. range




  • Traffic control (smart tower, digital signage)
  • Video surveillance solutions over cellular network


Data collection and system supervision


  • Extra-high voltage equipment monitoring
  • Running water, oilfield, gas pipeline supervision
  • Centralized heating system supervision
  • Environment protection data collection
  • Flood control data collection
  • Alert system supervision
  • Weather station data collection
  • Power grid, light supervision



There are numerous variations of each and every one of above listed applications. Therefore GENEKO formed highly dedicated, top rated support team that can help you analyze your requirements and existing system, chose the right topology for your new system, perform initial configuration and tests and monitor the complete system after installation. Enhance your system performance and speed up the ROI with high quality cellular routers and all relevant knowledge of GWR support team behind you.


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