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    Advantages of Geneko DMVPN technology

SCADA – PLC modbus communication

Connecting PLC in industrial environment with SCADA systems using Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN), GWG 3G/4G Gateway and mobile technologies. In this project, we used SIM cards from one of the global mobile providers with coverage in many countries and its SD-WAN solution based on the cloud because it is easy to deploy and user friendly with a high level of automation.

Geneko Remote Access solutions

In a situation caused by extraordinary circumstances, it is necessary to ensure continuity of business and provision of services. In such situation, it is very important to provide your employees with safe and efficient way to work remotely from home and access company resources.




Advantages of Geneko DMVPN technology

DMVPN Secure Cloud

Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) is very useful, flexible and scalable tunnelling technology and an effective solution for dynamic secure overlay network.

DMVPN enables creating a tunnelled dynamic full mesh VPN network without static pre-configuration of possible tunnels to end-point peers. All DMVPN members will have direct encrypted communication (full mesh). It is scalable, effective and easy to deploy solution if you want to connect a number of sites into one full mesh secure VPN.


Geneko DMVPN implementation

Geneko DMVPN solution is Linux based and implemented on GWR 3G/4G series of routers. It is very convenient, practical, easy to deploy and relatively cheap solution. For smaller networks Geneko routers can easily play both hub and spoke roles. However, in medium and large enterprises Geneko routers could be much better placed on remote/spoke sites. That is practical and cheap solution to connect remote sites with hub location. Typical solution will be to use big Cisco routers on hub and Geneko GWR 3G/4G routers on remote/spoke sites.There are numerous advantages of using DMVPN technology on Geneko GWR 3G/4G Routers:

  • On-demand full mesh connectivity with simple hub-and-spoke configuration
  • Automatic IP Security (IPsec) triggering for building an IPsec tunnel
  • Minimum deployment for adding/removing remote sites
  • Reduced latency and multicast support
  • Possible to deploy routing protocols over DMVPN


You can find more details on deployment scenarios and implementations of DMVPN technology for medium-sized and large enterprises in the brochure.


Take the opportunity to request additional information regarding DMVPN implementations in the area of your business:


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E-mail: gwrsales[at]geneko.rs



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DMVPN technology - Advantages of using on Geneko GWR 3G/4G routers




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