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Fox Fleet Management System (FMS)



Fox Fleet Management System (FMS) consists of Fox AVL devices installed into the vehicles, Fox server placed in the monitoring center, PCs i.e. customer’s working stations (GPS Vehicle Tracking Software) and communication infrastructure provided by mobile GSM network and Internet. Fox Fleet Management System server at the monitoring center permanently receives data sent by Fox devices through GSM network, processes them and stores them into database. The user have access to these data through Fox software of the monitoring center and monitors vehicle movement on detailed maps and controls vehicles statuses.

Monitoring center could be installed in all companies with bigger fleet of vehicles. PC, permanent connection with Internet, fix IP address and desktop version of FMS software would be enough. Operator in the monitoring center, through computer and Intranet, i.e. local computer network communicates with Fox server, which transfers all data on vehicles. Smaller users can establish connection with Fox site through simple dial up connection with Internet. They need simple web browser like Internet Explorer or Opera and subscription for vehicle monitoring services when the user gets user name and password. In this case it is not necessary to install any special software for PC, and with access to Fox site the user gets the same interface with maps and all functions for monitoring positions and statuses of the vehicles and alarming, as well as the user who is directly connected with Fox server.



Fox FMS architecture scheme


Fox Fleet Management System architecture scheme



The heart of the whole system is Fox server where database, software applications and services for collecting, memorizing and distribution of data from remote AVL Fox devices placed into users vehicles are installed. All data come through GSM mobile network to public static IP address of router/firewall as per predefined IP port, and then they are routed again to IP address of Fox server. Server PC is usually connected by VPN (Virtual Private Network) with the server of mobile operator and that is how data are protected on their way from mobile operator to Fox Fleet Management System server. Data are transferred further to all clients in the system (monitoring centers and other users) through Intranet or WAN (Wide Area Network) i.e. Internet.



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