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Fleet management service


Fox Fleet Management service (FMS) is a specialized system for tracking the movement and activities of vehicles, working machines, drivers as well as for fleet control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, using Geneko monitoring center for a monthly fee. This solution is suitable for both large fleet tracking and just one vehicle tracking.


For proper functioning of Fleet management service system is necessary to install one of AVL Fox devices in a vehicle and, depending on the user wishes, to connect to signals whose Information user wants to control - follows. The device collects the information about position via GPS as well as information from a signals from the vehicles and information collected and processed on that way transmits to the server via GSM network. On the server, received data are being  processed  while the application displays positions on a map as well as various reports upon which the users control the movement of their vehicles as well as driver behavior during driving.


All it is needed is that user, from any place where he is located, provides web connection and, through our official website, to log on to his account using unic User Name and Password. This way the user has the ability to monitor his fleet, view and generate reports that he needs at that moment, as well as he can have insight into the current activities of his vehicles.


Main advantages of this solution are:


  • No additional investment such as a server computer with the appropriate characteristics of the operating system or the provision of associated equipment which includes, besides all, and uninterrupted power supply units (UPS),
  • GENEKO-system support with a limited lifetime warranty - unlimited service and support for Fleet management service
  • Data security-storing data on the server of the German telecoms with all safety aspects
  • Reception of group of reports on pre-defining the e-mail address


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