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SCADA – PLC modbus communication

Connecting PLC in industrial environment with SCADA systems using Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN), GWG 3G/4G Gateway and mobile technologies. In this project, we used SIM cards from one of the global mobile providers with coverage in many countries and its SD-WAN solution based on the cloud because it is easy to deploy and user friendly with a high level of automation.

Geneko Remote Access solutions

In a situation caused by extraordinary circumstances, it is necessary to ensure continuity of business and provision of services. In such situation, it is very important to provide your employees with safe and efficient way to work remotely from home and access company resources.




How to download documents?

This User Manual is made for users of Geneko’s products. It contains detailed information on the process of registering, logging and downloading documents and software from www.geneko.rs web site.

1. Register/Sign In

Step 2
If you are not registered user, hover over the Support section in the main menu bar and you will get the window where you can register on the website by clicking on Register as a new user. Alternatively, you can register by clicking on the link Register above the main menu.
If you have already registered as a user, you can log in by entereing your credentials into Email and Password fields and click on the Log In button. The login procedure is explained in the section 3 of this manual.
If you forgot your password, you can always ask for the new one by clicking on the Forgot Password link. You should then enter your email address used when registered on the website and the new password will be sent to you to the same email address.

2. Entering data for the registration

Step 2
After clicking on the Register as a new user or Register the following window will appear where you are asked to enter your data. The required fields are marked with an asterisk.
In the Products section you will choose one or more product groups for which you want to download the documentation by checking the checkboxes next to their titles.
Optionally, you can unsubscribe to the mailing list for receiving emails on selected product groups otherwise you can undo already checked box in front of this option.
At the end, click the Submit button.

3. Account authorization

Step 3Step 3
If all of the data is entered properly, you will come to new window as shown on the right . The message Authorization link is sent by mail means you will now have to activate the account by clicking on the link you received by e-mail which you entered in the registration process.
By activating the registration, next window will appear. The message Authorization complete means you can now enter your credentials and log in to Support portal by clicking on Login button.

4. Managing the user's control panel

Step 3
If you have completed the registration process successfully, new window will appear which is your control panel where you can manage your account.
On the left hand side of the control panel you can choose which documents you want to download (more on this from section 5).
In the middle you will find your data and choices and you can modify them. Upon modifying, click on the Save button to save your settings.
On the right you will find the section where you can type your comment and send it by clicking on the Send button.

5. Choosing documentation for particular product

Step 4

You can choose your documents by choosing sections from drop-down menus where at first you choose Product Group, then Product Category and finally the Product itself for which you want to download documentation - as shown on the screenshot below.

6. Download

Step 5

After selecting the product for which you want to download documentation, in the middle of the screen you will get the links to particular files for the selected product as shown on the screenshot.

In our example, we selected GWG Gateway as the product. By clicking on each of the links you will download one document - Quick Start Guide, User Application Examples or User Manual..

7. Logout

Step 6

After you have downloaded documents you need, you can log out by clicking on the link Logout in the website header as shown below.



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