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Geneko Remote Access solutions

In a situation caused by extraordinary circumstances, it is necessary to ensure continuity of business and provision of services. In such situation, it is very important to provide your employees with safe and efficient way to work remotely from home and access company resources.

TELFOR 2019: Advantages of using DMVPN technology on Geneko GWR 3G/4G routers

At this year's Telecommunication forum TELFOR 2019 we showcased our cellular router solutions as a response to new technology trends and security challenges that come along. Thank you for your visit and see you next year!




Geneko at Deutsche Telekom M2M Marketplace

Geneko has recently joined Deutsche Telekom M2M Marketplace, making its products available for online purchase worldwide.


M2M Marketplace is an e-commerce platform dedicated to promoting business solutions in the emerging machine-to-machine market.


Through the partnership with Deutsche Telekom, Geneko provides its global presence making customers from all around the world easy to get in touch with their cutting-edge technology. Geneko reliable solutions are now listed among world’s top M2M companies.


This partnership is a significant step forward in business developing that will help us reach more markets and make more customers satisfied.


Our latest M2M solutions in Wireless industrial connectivity, Satellite vehicle tracking, ECR and POS printers are now featured on this location Deutsche Telekom M2M Marketplace.


Also, we have taken part in the latest edition Deutsche Telekom M2M Solution Catalogue where we presented our solution for Secure ATM Cellular Networking. The page is available here while the Catalog is available for download on Deutsche Telekom M2M Partner Portal.


Geneko at M2M Marketplace

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