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SCADA – PLC modbus communication

Connecting PLC in industrial environment with SCADA systems using Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN), GWG 3G/4G Gateway and mobile technologies. In this project, we used SIM cards from one of the global mobile providers with coverage in many countries and its SD-WAN solution based on the cloud because it is easy to deploy and user friendly with a high level of automation.

Geneko Remote Access solutions

In a situation caused by extraordinary circumstances, it is necessary to ensure continuity of business and provision of services. In such situation, it is very important to provide your employees with safe and efficient way to work remotely from home and access company resources.




Geneko at Hannover industrial show

M2M connectivity solutions at world's biggest industrial automation show

On world’s biggest industrial automation event, which took place from April 8-12, 2013 in Hannover, Germany, we have presented our latest hardware and software solutions for industrial M2M connectivity.

Around 225,000 visitors had an opportunity to see 6,550 exhibitors from 62 countries and witness contemporary achievements in the world of industrial automation.

This has been our first appearance on the event where we shared our knowledge and experience with existing and potential partners. Our booth has attracted a large number of customers and partners. We have made numerous important contacts with the producers of industrial machines, equipment and components.

We have proudly presented our M2M solutions:

GWR-I Industrial Cellular Router Series ‒ a complete list of new features which will empower experts in industrial automation to create even more robust and complex solutions in just few simple steps.

High Speed/WiFi GWR Cellular Router Series (HSPA/WiFi, HSPA+/WiFi and LTE/WiFi) ‒ completely new High Speed cellular router series with additional WiFi option and enhanced HW platform.

GWR Cellular Router Series (GPRS, EDGE, HSPA) ‒ a robust solution designed to provide remote connectivity across cellular networks.

Remote Management and Monitoring Software ‒ Management and monitoring of large groups of GWR routers is now a very simple task thanks to new powerful application.

M2M systems based upon Spark GPRS terminal ‒ designed to provide wireless access to any manageable device and enables automatic data management and monitoring of all devices in customer network.

We were overwhelmed by queries for our M2M products and solutions and our expectations have been largely exceeded. We can say Hannover Messe 2013 has been one of our most successful appearances ever on international level!

Don’t miss us in Hannover next year!



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