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Geneko Trusted Platform at Embedded World 2019

We are pleased to announce that we took a part for eighth (consecutive) time at the world's largest event dealing with embedded technologies - the Embedded World fair, which was held from 26 to 28 February 2019 in the German city of Nuremberg.

TELFOR 2018: Geneko solutions for M2M, IoT and Security challenges

We are delighted to announce our participation in this year's TELFOR 2018 Telecommunications Forum. We invite you to attend our presentation and visit our booth in the Sava Center lobby in Belgrade.




Geneko joins M2M Alliance

We have a pleasure to announce that we have become a member of M2M Alliance – an association which brings together stakeholders from various M2M industries.


M2M Alliance originates from Germany and is a large cluster of world’s most prominent M2M companies. In our quest to support business environment that strives toward excellence in M2M applications and standards, we joined the fastest growing alliance in the field.


The reliability and security of mobile technology is crucial in providing wide acceptance of M2M applications. Therefore, our top priority is to make sure our products and solutions are robust and reliable but at the same time highly customizable and adaptable to customer’s demands.


With diversified portfolio comprising Cellular Router Series, Sales Data Controllers for connectivity to Tax Authority servers, Satellite Vehicle Tracking Devices and Solutions and Fiscal Cash Registers and Fiscal POS Printers, we can offer wide range of outstanding M2M products and solutions to various customers worldwide.


M2M industry has seen enormous growth and is expected to maintain this trend into the following decades. Joining such alliance opens up opportunities for making solid partnerships and cooperation with innovative companies in the sector.


Showing our commitment to become the active member of the new community, we booked our spot at M2M Summit 2014 which takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany from 20-21 October.


See you there!


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Geneko at M2M Marketplace

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