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Geneko Trusted Platform at Embedded World 2019

We are pleased to announce that we took a part for eighth (consecutive) time at the world's largest event dealing with embedded technologies - the Embedded World fair, which was held from 26 to 28 February 2019 in the German city of Nuremberg.

TELFOR 2018: Geneko solutions for M2M, IoT and Security challenges

We are delighted to announce our participation in this year's TELFOR 2018 Telecommunications Forum. We invite you to attend our presentation and visit our booth in the Sava Center lobby in Belgrade.




GWR402HSW 4G router for “the last mile”

We are proud to announce that our flagship product – GWR402HSW 4G router – has been successfully tested in real world environment as an attempt to replace wired solution for the last mile connectivity.
Our product was exploited in a use case where a need for protection requested HD video surveillance of remote location. The idea was to provide robust alternative for manned guards where there was no either DSL or fiber optic connectivity available.
The site in Kent (UK) was equipped with IP cameras which were supposed to send HD video to the command center via 4G cellular network. The client needed video verified alarm technology and an ability to monitor it from one location.
GWR402HSW router was used as an access point to connect cameras using Wi-Fi. Such technology provided reliable performance with superb flexibility and a far lower cost than any DSL/Cable solution.

4G provided fast and simple way to connect IP video surveillance devices to a high-speed cellular network.
Without using heavy machinery for digging and bringing the cable to the site or army of technicians to set the things up, the total project’s cost of ownership is much lower when using a fast 4G network via our router.
The result showed that companies now have reliable option to replace their last mile with far more robust and flexible solution that will soon become an industry standard for connecting devices on remote locations.
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