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SCADA – PLC modbus communication

Connecting PLC in industrial environment with SCADA systems using Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN), GWG 3G/4G Gateway and mobile technologies. In this project, we used SIM cards from one of the global mobile providers with coverage in many countries and its SD-WAN solution based on the cloud because it is easy to deploy and user friendly with a high level of automation.

Geneko Remote Access solutions

In a situation caused by extraordinary circumstances, it is necessary to ensure continuity of business and provision of services. In such situation, it is very important to provide your employees with safe and efficient way to work remotely from home and access company resources.




TELFOR 2018: Geneko solutions for M2M, IoT and Security challenges

Geneko at TELFOR 2018

We are delighted to announce our participation in this year's TELFOR 2018 Telecommunications Forum where we will present our cellular router solutions as a response to new technology trends and security challenges. We invite you to attend our presentation and visit our booth in the Sava Center lobby in Belgrade.


The presentation “Geneko solutions for M2M, IoT and Security challenges”, will be delivered by our experts on Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 2pm in Hall 4/I on the first floor of Sava Center.

The presentation will cover:
  • Mobile networks development, with particular attention to 4G LTE, LTE Advanced and upcoming 5G networks
  • Geneko cellular routes typical applications
  • Real use cases
  • Security as a key factor of the professional Network solutions
  • Trends and needs in M2M and IoT world


Many companies and organizations across the world have been utilizing our solutions for more than a decade. Typical use cases are connecting of ATMs, various devices and machines, solar and wind power plants, remote management of heating systems and water supplies, utility pipelines, video surveillance systems, data acquisition from remote sensors and more.


We will show you how we dealt with some of the challenges in the implementation of M2M and IoT applications. As an additional benefit we emphasize our in-house hardware/software development and dedication to the applying modern M2M and Internet technologies for improving mobile segment of companies of all sizes.


Visit us at our C1 booth in the Sava Center lobby where we will showcase our professional and industrial cellular routers with multiple connectivity options, high data transfer speeds and wide voltage range 9-36 VDC. We will premiere our brand new GWG-T device based on the trusted platform.


Industrial GWG 3G/4G Gateway


Industrial 3G router GWR-I352


Wide Voltage 3G router GWR352


High-Speed 4G router GWR462


We will dedicate our time to answer all the questions you might have regarding communication-based projects. Here you can download the map with the location of our booth.


Please confirm your presence by sending us an e-mail muzelac[at|geneko.rs or by calling us directly by phone +381 11 3340178. The number of available seats is limited. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.


We will be happy to welcome you at our booth and presentation!



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