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Centralized management of ECR

Spark system for centralized management of cash registers


Electronic cash registers control system based on Geneko Spark GPRS terminal is designed to provide wireless connection of cash registers with central server of the customer, which means automatic management, and control of cash registers from one place. This system solves the problem of everyday updating of information about the items included in large number of cash registers, located in the distant sales points. Besides, the system makes possible for Tax Administration to control tax liability and tax payment by fiscal cash register users. The local Tax Administration has successfully applied this system in Serbia. About 40% of all installed GPRS terminals are Geneko Spark terminals.


Main functions


  • Efficient and simultaneous communication between customer's central server and all it's cash registers in customer network
  • Centralized management of cash registers and sales control
  • Automatic data input into cash register (e.g. updating database) and automatic reading and sending of sales report to customer's server
  • Connecting to unlimited number of cash registers
  • Linking with any cash register regardless of its location.




  • Quick sending and collecting of data
  • Safe data transfer – Central server and fiscal cash registers belong to the protected network
  • Independent work – GPRS devices can be timely arranged for accomplishing demanded activities (e.g. reading and sending of daily reports). In the case of breaking of the connection with GSM network, the device will automatically make the connection as soon as it is possible
  • Minimal using costs – The costs of data transfer is proportional to quantity of transferred data, not to time spent on transfer




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