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Examples of customization

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Examples of customization

FMS Customization


With the increasing number of users and the growing number of realized FMS system we have developed a number of subsystems, modules and customizations users. We have implemented integration with existing information systems through the exchange of client data through the automatic update, export, import data from client to him, or, using and developing web or windows service.


Logistics Reports

Reports adjusted for companies dealing with distribution and daily visiting a large number of points of interest. We have implemented tools and reports that provide accurate data and control points defined on the visit, as well as all the necessary information on time, mileage, routes, irregular situations, excessive retention, and the like.


Reports on exchanges of postal items

Customized report for the Department for Transport PUC Post Serbia, achieved through integration with existing customer information systems. Statements give a precise deviation of the predicted time of actual trade by post offices given geocoordinates.


System control of cooling system (termoking)

System provides an accurate record of the time and manner of operation of these systems through a variety of reports.


System control of peripheral devices on the working machines

It was implemented in the control of time and locations of concrete pumps.


GPRS Terminals - Spark system


Spark system can be easily adapted to the specific requirements of the user to program business and communication software. Implementation of the system is very fast and simple. At the central computer business  software is installed, and the cash register is connected to Spark terminals via serial connection. It is designed for users with a large number of cash registers which are away from the headquarters. In this situation, users have trouble identifying turnover and sales volume, changing  prices and products and maintaining a database. Wireless communication and fast data exchange make it possible to react quickly to new market conditions and to improve its distribution and sales. Received reports of daily sales, the system automatically forwards to the back-office application for further analysis which allows users to lead an efficient policy of sales price and assortment, procurement planning, adequate stores supply and cut costs.


Communication systems - Fiscal cash registers


Development of  Java communication software for communication between fiscal cash register and user existing software.


The exhistinh software adjustment for communication between fiscal cash register and PC as per user existing software specific way of communication.

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