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GWG Elec Signature Device

Geneko GWG Electronic Signature Device (GWG-SDC) represents a robust solution designed to provide CIS (Certified Invoicing System) connectivity to Tax Authority server using cellular network or internet. Connection is established using 3G GSM and secure Private APN or over internet using IPsec/VPN.


It is designed to receive specific receipt data from CIS, performs data processing, digital signing, sending receipt to Tax Authority server, receiving server response and generates response data which is sent back to CIS for further actions. Response data and authenticity of receipt data is provided by GWG-SDC. Digital signing is done using smart card (SAM) or some other method defined by user.


If, in the moment of receipt issue, there is no connectivity to Tax Authority server, GWG-SDC will automatically switch to offline mode. In offline mode it stores data in internal secure memory for later sending, and generates respond data to CIS as it would do in online mode.


Main functions


  • Provide digital signature (generated by SAM card or some other method) with encrypted information on each receipt
  • Provide audit information in encrypted form to remote Tax Authority server using cellular network or internet
  • Online and Offline mode of operation
  • Switch to offline mode of operation in case there is no connectivity to Tax Authority server
  • Providing a signal to user is it functioning or not, its current status and audit progress
  • Memorizing all unsent fiscal data in secure internal memory





  • Complete solution for any CIS system designed according to specific fiscal regulations
  • Easy connection to any electronic cash register, POS printer or POS system
  • Possibility to connect multiple POS systems or fiscal devices
  • Higher data security than conventional fiscal devices
  • Trusted platform that includes several advanced security features including tamper detection, secure fuses, secure RAM and Arm® TrustZone® based hardware isolation (secure enclave)
  • Internal battery for use without mains power supply
  • Easy to use
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