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SDC Device details

Geneko Sales Data Controller (SDC) represents a robust solution designed to provide cash register connectivity to Tax Authority server using internet or cellular network. SDC is the core of VAT collection system. Communication is protected with SSL encryption. SDC supports all required technologies to communicate with the access point of the server: XML, SOAP, WS-x, WSDL, HTTP, HTTPS, XMLDsig, and XML Canonicalization. On locations where no other way of connectivity is available, SDC supports communication through 3G cellular network. In addition, Sales Data Controller can be used for remote access to cash register or POS printer, providing remote control and monitoring of sales.


Geneko SDC enables connection to the Tax Authority server via Internet at the speed of min. 2 Mbps using conventional connectivity. An additional method of connection is wireless communication through the GSM/UMTS cellular network at the speeds of 7.2 Mbps (DL) and 5.76 Mbps (UL). The device is programmable, manageable and solves the problem of everyday data updating on articles or prices stored in the remote cash register. Data storage into internal memory is performed automatically as well as reading and uploading of report to the server. Geneko SDC can be scheduled for accomplishing demanded activities


Main functions


  • Fiscal and non fiscal (optionally) transactions monitoring and recording
  • Reporting accurate tax liability in accordance with the regulations of the countries that use the taxpayer’s financial system
  • Communication to remote server using internet or cellular network
  • Remote monitoring of sales in the customer sales network
  • Automatic updating of data stored in the remote fiscal devices





  • Complete solution of the terminal (front office) and the server (back office)
  • Easy connection to any fiscal cash register or POS printer
  • Higher data security than conventional fiscal devices
  • SSL encryption
  • Dual SIM card support
  • Easy to use
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