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    M2M products and solutions   GWR High Speed Cellular Router Series   GWR362/462 3G/4G Routers
GWR362/462 3G/4G Routers
Obsolete models GWR352/402HSW

Excellent SME Certificate

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GWR362/462 3G/4G Routers



Web based configuration interface, Command Line Interface on serial console, SSH, SMS control, Detailed system log, Default reset, Firmware upload, Partial or full configuration Export/Import, Radius Authentication, Display settings, Timed actions





LAN, VLANs, WAN, DHCP server, DHCP client, RIP, OSPF, DMVPN, VRRP, Port forwarding, DMZ support, SNMPv1,2c, DynDNS, NTP client, Firewall (NAT, PAT, IP filtering, MAC filtering), Serial-to-IP, Gateway Priorities, ModbusRTU-to-ModbusTCP, Radius, PPPoE client, static routes with metric





GRE, GRE Keepalive, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TPv3, IPsec site to site tunnel IKEv1 (with main and aggressive mode) and IKEv2, certificate management for IPsec and OpenVPN authentification (CA certificate, private certificate, private key, CRL Certificate), preshared key files, Data integrity (HMAC-MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2), manual keys, IKE features (Perfect Forward Secrecy, Auth-Method PSK, Identify IP address, DPD for constant connection, Automatic NAT-T behind NAT, Initiator and responder), IPSec tunnel failover



Firmware and protocol versions


  • FW version: 2.1.7
  • OpenVPN: 2.3.2
  • OpenSSL: 1.0.1f



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