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Fox Easy AVL

Functional characteristics


  • Satellite vehicle monitoring using GPS/GLONASS
  • Configurable smart algorithm for position data sending
  • Instant data transfer on vehicle position and statuses on user request
  • Sending events in real time, or logging and sending data at predefined time period or at predefined time of the day  
  • Driver identification option (up to 256 drivers)
  • Logger capacity about 10.000 records
  • SMS alerts
  • Binary and XML protocol
  • Backup server IP address
  • Calculation of distance traveled by vehicle and sending this information together with position data
  • Calculation of vehicle maximum speed
  • Shock/acceleration sensor. In power save mode, shock/acceleration sensor detects mechanical shock and wakes up device from power save mode. In normal operation mode it detects vehicle crash event.
  • Vehicle position monitoring from the time of vehicle movement detection that are not running, for example in the case of vehicle transfer by "spider" because of improper parking
  • Smart phonebook with special functions of some numbers  
  • Operator roaming list saving option (priority based selection/restriction), up to 100 operators
  • Remote device parameters setup, device management, debug and firmware update ability (OTA)
  • Parameter (device configuration) backup in SIM card memory
  • Power supply via OBD II interface (option)  
  • Vehicle battery voltage measuring  
  • Detection of engine operation
  • Advanced power save function
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