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FiscalPrint FP200
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FiscalPrint FP200

Fiscal Receipt Example

FiscalPrint FP200 is a fiscal POS printer, which is based on thermal technology. It is designed for all types of shops and supermarkets, which use PC or POS systems. Ethernet connection enables fast communication and receipts printing from several sales points if this is allowed by local law. This device has integrated GPRS terminal for wireless connection to Tax Administration or customer remote server. The printer can be delivered without GPRS terminal if it is not prescribed by the law. There are two models – with control paper tape (model FP200PJ) and with electronic journal (model FP200EJ). Numerous interfaces provide communication with computer and connection with external display, cash drawer and other external devices.


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Basic characteristics


  • Up to 120.000 items (PLU), up to 100 operators
  • Up to 800 items per receipt
  • 9 tax rates
  • Fiscal memory with 2000 daily reports
  • Real time clock
  • Up to 5 kinds of payment with programmable names (if it is allowed by the law)
  • Tamper switch for detection of printer case opening
  • Built-in display for the operator (cashier)
  • Graphic logotype printing
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