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Spark GPRS - Device details
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Spark GPRS - Device details



Spark GPRS terminal has its own IP address (fixed or dynamic) so every device, with terminal connected, may become part of TCP/IP computer network. It is enough to change part of terminal’s software for communication with that device and to adapt it according to special customer's demands. The fact that the terminal communicates with various devices located in remote locations where there aren't any common telephone lines, expands possible implementation areas:


• Security services

• Controlling and monitoring of various measuring devices:

- UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

- Temperature regulators

- Flow controllers

- RFID readers

• Retail trade

- Cash registers

- Fiscal printers

• Emergency systems

• Environmental monitoring in meteorology

• Gambling devices

• Lottery machines

GPRS Terminal - device details


Schematic diagram of Geneko SPARK GPRS terminal

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