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Spark GPRS - Device details
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Spark GPRS - Device details

Geneko Spark GPRS terminal is designed to provide wireless access to any manageable device and enables automatic data management and monitoring of all devices in customer network. A control system, which is based upon the quad band Spark GPRS terminal, solves the problem of everyday updating of data included in large number of the devices located in the distant places. Thanks to the communicational software and the terminal's possibilities itself, data flow between devices and central server can be done automatically.


In fact, Spark is completely programmable and manageable and equipped with real time clock and internal memory for data storage. Spark is able to download and write data into device automatically and to read and upload reports to customer's server automatically as well. Direct communication with these devices can be done by various interfaces and data transfers over mobile telephone GSM network using GPRS, CSD and SMS services.
It is possible to establish Internet dial up connection with Spark terminal acting as GPRS modem. The current release of Spark terminal is able to connect to all networks. In this case Spark enables customer's PC or PDA to connect to Internet from any location using GSM network.



Main functions


  • Wireless connection between customer's central server and great number of its remote devices
  • Two-way data transfer over GSM network
  • Automatic control and data input into the device (e.g. updating database) and automatic reading and uploading of report to customer's server
  • Centralized management and monitoring of all devices in the whole customer network





  • Universal usage – GPRS terminals can manage with all devices conducted by various hardware interfaces
  • Constant and simultaneous connection of central computer with all devices regardless of their number
  • Communication with the devices located in the whole area covered by the mobile phone operator
  • The possibilities of access by using any PC or PDA connected on Internet or by mobile phone, which has GPRS and wap browser
  • Safe data transfer – Central server and the devices belong to the protected network
  • Independent work – GPRS terminals can be timely arranged for accomplishing demanded activities (e.g. reporting)
  • Very simple and quick installation and easy to use


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